Mobility Checklist

Reinforce Stabilizing Surfaces

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Make sure towel racks and stairwells in your home are reinforced so that you can easily use them when necessary, without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of your home. 

Choose higher chairs

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Higher chairs and sofas are easier to get in and out of. Click below for a list of resources for higher furniture and ways to increase the height of furniture. 

Replace door handles with latches

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Replacing door handles with latches is a simple way to avoid overstraining wrist muscles. Many people don’t realize that one of the most challenging movements as conditions like arthritis develop are the turning and opening of door handles. If a home is filled with these, it can make everyday tasks exceptionally difficult. Using latches instead of doorknobs mitigates this problem in a sleek and simple manner. 

Widen Doorways

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Widening doorways allow for easier mobility with physical mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers. If your home has a double doorway for instance, replacing with one wider door makes it simpler to get in and out of the house with a wheelchair or other physical mobility aid. 

Lower light switches

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If one is using a physical mobility aid such as a wheelchair, it is extremely helpful to lower light switches to a level that is easily accessible. 

Stairwell mechanisms

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Chair lifts for stairs can be done in a way that is unobtrusive so that your home remains aesthetically appealing. If stairs are a concern in your home, having a chair lift can be a simple solution to remain in your home. 

Mitigate slippery surfaces

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Surfaces like hardwood and laminate floors are dangerous for anyone, especially as we age. Making sure that you have non-slip items in place can be a life saver. Having carpet runners on your stairs, and non-slip mats in your bathroom are easy fixes that could save you from a dangerous fall.

Raise Plugs

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Bending down to plug in and unplug items can be a significant strain on those with mobility issues. Raising plugs to a comfortable degree helps with this, and allows for a greater degree of independence. 

Outdoor adjustments

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Making sure that the entryway to your home is adjusted for your mobility is a crucial part of an accessible home. Make sure that if you do have entrance steps, there is a railing available for you to hold on to as you descent, and try to eradicate the gap that usually exists between the door and the first step for easier entry and exit.

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