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Dr. Murray Waldman has spent his career developing techniques and tools to help seniors and their families adjust to changes in independence, mobility, and functional accessible design. As a rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Waldman has developed a set of tools and systems in order to help seniors stay in their homes as they age.  Dr. Waldman has spent his career as chief of St. John’s Emergency, medical director and chief of staff at Sunnybrook hospital, and has been published in The Toronto Star and numerous medical journals on the topics of rehabilitation, Alzheimers disease, and senior rehabilitation protocols. He is co-author of Dying for A Hamburger: Modern Meat Processing and the Epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease, and currently lives in Toronto Ontario.


The landscape for accessibility is changing. Technological innovations have advanced at an unprecedented rate, but what really is the best way for you and your family to move forward? Many seniors depend too heavily on their families in the event of a medical emergency or a decrease in cognition or mobility. Dr. Waldman’s seminars give seniors the tools to make their home and life work for them. Dr. Waldman is available to speak at your conference, event, university, company, or organization, in person or via Skype on the topics of:



 Healthcare For Seniors

 Ageing In Place

 Home Improvement For Seniors

 Living With Alzheimers Disease

 Mobility Retention


 Invisible Accessibility: Making Your Lifestyle Work For You.


For seniors and children of seniors alike, the process of creating accessible spaces is challenging and fraught with contradictions and innumerable options. Aging in place is an investment in your life, and often a very significant one. IA Living provides consulting services to help your family get on the right track for an accessible future. 


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“One of the most significant barriers I have seen throughout my 30 years as a physician is the lack of preparation and access to accessible living. Having a home that is conducive to mobility issues is crucial to becoming an independent senior, but many are unable or unsure of how to start this process. That is why I created IA Living, a resource for both seniors and children of seniors to help prepare them and their homes for successful aging. As we age, we start to find ourselves working around our lifestyles, augumenting our daily routines in order to fit comfortably into the places we live and the things we want to do. This is a recipe for failure. Seniors should be thinking about how they can make their lifestyles as fruitful and accessible as possible for them, and sooner rather than later. ”

As a rehabilitation physician, Dr. Waldman was appalled at not only the lack of resources available to seniors, but how little attention has been paid over time to the augumentation of space to facilitate senior living. IA Living, the brainchild of Dr. Waldman, strives to bridge that gap and connect seniors with the tools and professionals they require to age in place successfully.