One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom safer is to install grab bars. The problem is, most grab bars are unsightly and make your bathroom look like something out of a hospital. Luckily, the design has come a long way in the past few years, and there are now grab bars that function beautifully as additions to your home. Here are our top 10 picks, click any of the photos below to shop:


1. Toilet Roll Holder With Grab Bar Top


This toilet paper holder is sleek and subtle while offering support to help you sit down and stand up.


2. F Frame Rail With Towel Rack


A sleek and interesting addition to your restroom, this F-Bar blends well with your existing bathroom appliances.


3. Wooden Hand Rail


If your bathroom is more rustic, having grab bars that match your decor helps them blend in.


4. Curved Grab Bar


This curved grab bar comes in 8 different colours and can be used in any area of your home.


5. 24″ Grab Bar With Towel Rack

This grab bar fits seamlessly into any restroom and completely camouflages itself with an old-bronze finish that gives it an elegant look.


6. Grab Bar With Corner Shelf

The perfect grab bar to use in smaller corners, this grab bar comes with storage space so that it blends into your decor, it also comes in three colours.


7. Wave Grab Bar


The wave grab bar comes in four colours and finished to fit in with your current bathroom decor and looks like a stylish addition instead of a grab bar.


8. Horizon Decorative Grab Bar


If you have a more modern bathroom or are looking for a statement grab bar, Horizon has 6 different bar styles and five different finishes to blend in with your decor.


9. Infinity Designer Grab Bar


This wavey design breaks the institutional look of traditional grab bars with its sleek finish and rounded edges.


10. Ergo 14″ Grab Bar

The Ergo grab bar can be used as a showerhead so that it blends in with what’s already in your shower while offering support.

No matter what kind of renovation you’re undertaking to age in place, grab bars can be a vastly useful tool to make your home safer, and having grab bars that fit in with the rest of your homes architecture keeps it looking sleek and stylish. If you want to learn more, check out the IA Checklist to learn about everything you need to make your home more accessible as you age.