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We’re making accessibility aesthetic

Invisible Accessibility strives to create accessible homes for seniors before that accessibility is required. We provide resources to create beautiful architecturally appealing homes that just happen to be accessible. 

Meet Dr. Waldman

Dr. Waldman has spent the better part of the last 40 years working as a physician in a large rehabilitation hospital.  After countless patients were forced out of their homes due to a lack of access, Dr. Waldman created I.A. living, a resource to help seniors remain in their homes longer.

Why you should care about staying in your own home

Seniors who remain in familiar settings are supported by their neighbours and neighbourhood, and is proven to delay the onset of cognitive decline by maintaining independence. 

Long-term care beds needed by 2035


Of seniors in care homes could be living in their own homes with proper accessibility.

Why IA?

Every family at some point must modify the way they live, usually in the event of a crisis or accident, and with very little time. Homes today are not built for seniors, and most accessible options make your home look like a hospital. IA Living aims to change that.

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